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  • Choose the Right Paint

    BY Cindy Souza

    Whether you’re preparing your home to move in, or preparing it to sell, choosing the right paint from the myriad choices available to day can be daunting. Paints come in up to six different finishes, so even if you’ve... 

  • Quick Tips for Adding Resale Value

    BY Cindy Souza

    When you’re in a hurry to sell, you need top dollar, try some of these tips: Have us evaluate your home. As real estate professionals, we know what sells and what doesn’t and we can help you spend your money... 

  • Expand Your Space with a Garage Makeover

    BY Cindy Souza

    For most of us, the garage is simply a place to park the car, store suitcases and holiday decorations, or stow those miscellaneous tools we need now and again. With a little careful planning, however, your garage can become...