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  • Monochromatic Decorating Ideas

    BY Cindy Souza

    The use of a single color, or range of shades in a color gives your home a sophisticated designer appeal. Do you have to hire a designer to achieve the look? No, you can do it yourself if you keep these things in mind. Respect the Hue In other ...

  • Is It Time For New Windows?

    BY Cindy Souza

    Replacing the windows on your home is a big job that can potentially come with a high price tag. If your windows are starting to show their age, you may be trying to decide whether or not it’s time to make the investment in new ones. Here’s what ...

  • The Benefits of Going to Open Houses

    BY Cindy Souza

    Are you getting ready to buy a home? Or maybe homeownership is something you’re planning for in the not-too-distant future? Then you’ve no doubt stumbled across open houses and wondered if you should go. Whether you’re ready to buy or getting...