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  • Real Estate Terminology: Abatement, the First in a Series

    BY Cindy Souza

    Every industry has its own vocabulary, and real estate is no exception. If you are newly in the home-buying market, you may find yourself stumped by the lingo, acronyms, abbreviations and jargon commonly used in real estate sales materials, online li...

  • Real Estate Terminology: Ratios, the Third in a Series

    BY Cindy Souza

    In the vocabulary of real estate, various ratios help buyers and mortgage services determine the viability of a purchase. A ratio is a way of expressing the relationship between two values or amounts. Usually, ratios compare how much of one thing the...

  • From Hi-Tech Race Car to Hi-Tech Home

    BY Cindy Souza

    Necessity drives innovation. Last week, quadriplegic former Indy 500 driver, Sam Schmidt drove a modified Corvette around the Indianapolis Speedway by moving his head and biting down with his teeth. Arrow Electronics, a medical and consumer electroni...