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  • 5 Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

    BY Cindy Souza

    If you’re thinking about selling your home, chances are you’ve been told that the end of the year is a terrible time to do it. You’ve likely heard two main reasons to back up this assertion: the holidays are too stressful and there are no buy...

  • What is a Pocket Neighborhood?

    BY Cindy Souza

    Have you ever heard of a pocket neighborhood? The term was first coined in 1995 by the architect Ross Chapin and refers to a small group of homes that face each other and share a common space. It promotes the idea of building community and establishi...

  • Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

    BY Cindy Souza

    Can you feel the chill in the air? Old Man Winter is on his way – which means it’s time to get your garden ready for the coming cold weather. By doing these gardening chores now, you’ll give yourself a great start for the next planting season. ...