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  • Big Luxury on a Small Budget

    BY Cindy Souza

    You don’t have to be a billionaire to enjoy a little luxury. With some smart choices and a bit of imagination, you can live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Here are some strategies to maximize the luxuriousness of your home and life while...

  • Decorating with Family Heirlooms

    BY Cindy Souza

    We understand the dilemma – you absolutely love the handmade patchwork quilt you inherited from your grandmother, but it really doesn’t go well with your Mid-century Modern décor. Or perhaps your spouse owns of collection of antique books that...

  • Great Pets for Small Homes

    BY Cindy Souza

    Do you have dreams of bringing home a new best friend, but you think your place is just too small? Do you wish you could have a Saint Bernard, but know that he might not fit in your 500 square foot condo? Is your son begging you for a pet boa constri...