Why Sell With Us?

The longer your home is on the market, the less you will make. Learn what we do that nets you more.

Not All Agents Are the Same

This is why we publish our performance statistics for home sales – so you can see that we routinely outperform other agents, netting you more money and avoiding having your home on the market for months.


Here are a few of The Souza Group's recent sales. For the most up-to-date information on our statistics, please just give us a call at our office.

Address Status Results
3016 Piano Lane, S.S. MD SOLD! 99.08% of List Price
1956 Valley Terrace, SE, DC SOLD! 102.46% of List Price
911 Market St., Frederick MD SOLD! 102.70% of List Price
13205 Serpentine Way, S.S. MD SOLD! 107.22% of List Price
415 Beacon Hill Terrace, Gaithersburg MD SOLD! 100.2% of List Price
5239 King Charles Way, Bethesda MD SOLD! 100% of List Price
32871 Widgeon Road, Ocean View DE SOLD! 100.17% of List Price
14016 Crossland Lane, N Potomac MD SOLD! 100% of List Price
5525 Southwick Lane, Bethesda MD SOLD! 97.57% of List Price
8515 Meadowlark Lane, Bethesda MD SOLD! 100% of List Price
8022 Aberdeen Road, Bethesda MD SOLD! 100% of List Price
3627 Gleneagles Drive, S.S. MD SOLD! 98.66% of List Price
18705 Sparkling Water Dr., Germantown MD SOLD! 101.5% of List Price
7602 Wellesley Drive, College Park MD SOLD! 93.09% of List Price
110 S Jefferson St., Middletown MD SOLD! 103.77% of List Price
2320 Wisconsin Ave., DC SOLD! 100% of List Price
25 Earth Star Place, Gaithersburg MD SOLD! 101.26% of List Price
2022 Derby Ridge, S.S. MD SOLD! 104.68% of List Price
37 Missouri Ave NE, DC SOLD! 99.01% of List Price
22545 Grebe Road, Ocean View DE SOLD! 99.04% of List Price
10003 Sutherland Rd., S.S. MD SOLD! 102.84% of List Price
3755 W Street NW, DC SOLD! 104.86% of List Price

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